Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

When autumn mist has kissed the trees
Folks revel in the coloring of the leaves,
With the gold and browns spread around
They adore the bright colors that abound.

But fall means little at all with it's icy rain
At least not to me behind my windowpane,
Let them frolic in the leaves if they please,
A crackling fire is what gives me ease.

Some like winter with snow on the ground,
And cheer as it comes gently drifting down
But I think winter is a time for meditation,
And I have no elation or grand expectation.

Winter is just one drawn out boring affair
When months of frigid weather fills the air
But some die-hards like to go out and play
When snowstorms are the order of the day.

Living is easy in summer's wondrous show
When the perfumed blooms are on the rose,
Most prefer this season best they will attest
And lounging in the sizzling sun they call rest.

Summertime is the season of smothering heat
And roasting in it's oven to some is a treat
But at the allure of it's lofty grandness I scoff
Because everyone looks for a place to cool off.

Springtime is the best time after winter goes
Before the hot summer and bloom of the rose,
When snow has melted off the mountains peak
And over white clouds the sun sneaks a peek.

The land is so refreshed when spring arrives,
There is happiness in the bluing of the skies
And the weather is wonderful day and night,
Springtime is when all things seem just right.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-26-08

Song title: "C-C The Cat"

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