by Kenneth J Ellison

Summer Bugs divide

Glorious summertime is here
Bringing things we need fear,
Fierce things that just might
Give you a hair-raising fright.

I lump the creatures together
That arrive with sunny weather,
Whether they fly, creep or crawl
They're bugs to me one and all.

Some bugs are beautiful to see
Little cuties harmless as can be,
A fluttering butterfly brings glee
But others scare the pants off me.

A spider on the wall in the hall
Is scary whether big or small,
I'd give them ugly things whacks
If it wasn't for my heart attacks.

As I lie snoring in my comfy bed
Sneaky bugs crawl onto my head,
They snuggle down into my hair
Giving me a delirious nightmare.

Going out to the yard is hard
I always have to be on guard,
There is wild things with wings
That chomps on me or stings.

They creep up my gnarly leg
And I squawk and lay an egg
For I don't know what's there
Parting my soiled leg hair.

I always flee from a bumble bee
But they delight in chasing me,
And no matter how I swat or not
As the race ends I'm always got.

Yes I know some bugs are good
They're beneficial it's understood
But a bug by any name is still a bug
And give the heebie-jeebies to this mug.

Bugs by Kenneth J Ellison

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-21-08

Song title: "Black Velvet Waltze"

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