Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


Somewhere the songbirds sing,
Each day blossoms as spring,
Somewhere the wild flowers bloom
Filling the air with fragrant perfume.
Somewhere the butterflies flutter
And never cold winds bluster.

Somewhere eagles soar on high,
Fuzzy white clouds drift lazily by
And blue sky reaches horizons edge
Where rainbows form a graceful bridge.
Somewhere the sun warms to a glow
With never a hint of a wintery show.

Somewhere mountains touch sky
At their feet alpine meadows lie,
Where time seems to stand still
As the sounds of nature echo's through hills.
Somewhere a bubbly brook flows to a river
And chilly winter gives no cause to shiver.

Somewhere there is a forest of tall trees
With leaves that rustle in warm breeze,
Where sights and sounds of natures show
Excites the senses, seeding hope to grow.
Somewhere this glorious Garden of Eden lies
To go there--Just close your eyes.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-14-04

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