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While Away Winter Snowflakes

While Away Winter by Kenneth J Ellison

Winds whistling through treetops,
Icicles hang like giant teardrops,
Frozen rain is covering the ground,
Only snow-white for miles around.
Snowflake Divide
Nature has sprung winters fury
Blustery dark days are dreary,
Heavenly summer has fled away
And dismal days are here to stay.
Snowflake Divide
Big logs in the fire are roaring
My spotted hound is snoring
Lying on his back by the fireplace
Totally bored with the human race.
Snowflake Divide
Mom's in the kitchen make 'in soup
Enough to feed a Boy-Scout troop,
We'll devour it with biscuits baked
And feed the dog if he can be waked.
Snowflake Divide
Dad's in his favorite chair rock 'in
A big toe poked from his stock 'in,
Reading of a plow he wants to buy
When spring brings blue to the sky.
Snowflake Divide
I'm shivering on the stoop with a scoop
To shovel a path to the chicken-coop,
The plan is for fresh eggs every day,
If we can get the darn hens to lay.
Snowflake Divide
Not much to do these days of gray
But wait for winter to fade away,
We'll hunker by the fire in daylight
And snore in long-johns at night.

"While Away Winter"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-08-05

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