Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Anticipation by Kenneth J Ellison


I saw a sunray today
Beam across the bay,
Smiling between clouds of gray
Before it quickly danced away.

Sun's Rays on the Bay

I saw robin red breast
Fluff his brilliant chest,
Just a showoff on the fence
But I haven't seen him since.

I saw geese in the sky
Honking as they flew by,
A noisy clatter they put forth
As they winged their way north.

Sun's Rays on the Bay

A crocus poked its head
From it's icy garden bed
Struggling to reach the light
Wakening from winters plight.

I saw new buds on a tree
Preparing to make leaves,
They pay no heed at all
That another snow may fall.

Spring Buds

I noticed the morning light
Is stealing from the night,
Temperatures slowly warm
With each days early morn.

I think winter will soon be over,
I'll wiggle my toes in new clover,
I'll warm my face in spring's sun
Marking time till summers fun.

Keeping Up Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-05-05

Song title: "Snow Year"

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