Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Changing Plains

Distant rumblings of thunder,
Lightning bolts flash asunder,
Spring rains sweep the plains
Reviving the earthen quilt again.

Spring wafts on warming winds
It's heady fragrance blends,
A hint of bountiful days ahead
As winter grudgingly lies to bed.

Awakening from a winter slumber
Wildflowers from down under
Sleepily arise from their comfy bed,
Over the plains they'll spread.

The prairie grasslands will green
Painting vista landscape scenes
As winter exits natures back door
And spring boldly enters once more.

Faraway craggy mountain peaks
Release snow flows into creeks,
Thousands of watery fingers race
Down the slopes to find their place.

Over the plains spring is coming,
Soon new life will be humming,
Slowly drab hues of brown scenery
Will transform to beautiful greenery.

Where the buffalo and antelope
Wander beyond the hill slopes,
Where grassland creatures thrive,
The vast plains are coming alive.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-13-05

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