Songbirds are singing
Cowbells are ringing
Bumblebees are buzzing
Caterpillars are fuzzy,
Spring has come to the country
With a flourish it made it's entry.

The farmer is tilling
If the mules are willing,
He readies the fields
For the summer yields,
From dawn to dark he tills
From the river to the hills.

The wife is cook 'in breakfast
For the early morning respite
Of biscuits and brindle gravy
And fried bacon wavy,
Soon she will ring the porch bell
To summon him in for a spell.

Lambs are romp 'in in the meadow
Chasing their brand new shadows,
The barnyard rooster is fuss 'in,
At a bunch of darling ducklings
And the wife has her hands full
Of new sheared sheep wool.

A new calf will be born tonight
In a barn stall by lamplight,
The farmer's workday will be hard
But a new life will be it's reward.
The family's toil is never over
Especially in time of new clover.

"Country Spring"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-07-05

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