Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The rainy somber days of February
Lays a shrouding gloomily dreary,
Torrents of rain begin with no end,
Ushered in by winter's blustery wind.

The howling frigid wind drums the rain
Timing with the rattle of windowpanes,
Playing a brokenhearted sad refrain
Tuned with the creaking weathervane.

That cadence has a familiar sound,
The steady beat of rain pelting down,
Thumping my roof like a kettledrum
In rhythm with the winds dull hum.

I study raindrops on the windows
And stare at ghostly gray shadows,
Outside those dancing phantoms play,
Swaying wildly this bleak soppy day.

Raindrops blown on the windowpane
Form curious designs where their lain,
Smoothly careening they reform again,
Drawn as fine art by the artistic wind.

Barren trees dark silhouettes throw,
Restless they lie over the waters flow,
Rivulets swiftly course down the road
Settling as a murky pond at my abode.

No lifelike sounds around can I hear,
Only the cloudburst of rain in my ear,
From a window I see it blown sideways
Against a background of cloudy grays.

Someday the dismal rain will go I know
Just to be replaced by unwelcome snow
Then again I'll take a seat at the window
To applaud the playful dancing shadows.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-29-07

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