Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Small Pleasures by Kenneth Ellison

Small Pleasures Butterfly

You found my secret place
My tranquil hiding space,
Wafting on springs sweet air
You found me resting here.

I'm delighted you came to be
In the very same place as me,
While I was not lonely at all
I'm pleased you came to call.

Your beauty is simply divine
It blends with peace of mind,
Your elegant nimble grace
Brings a smile to my face.

My garden of fragrant flowers
Bid you spend pleasant hours,
Please linger the day through,
We enjoy the presence of you.

You deftly flutter from lilac to rose
Then repose on a bloom you chose,
Drink deep of it's nectar pretty one
I relish your beauty in morning sun.

I think I shall never again see
A butterfly prettier than thee,
I see your brilliant bright wings
As rainbow colors of spring.

I thank you for taking the time
To grace this garden of mine,
Thank you for the splendid display
Before you quickly flutter away.
Small Butterfly

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-26-05
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