Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

As I laze in the flower garden
Worries of mind slowly harden,
Though no more than any day
They bother me more in a way.

I am feeling awfully forlorn
This bonnie summer morn
Wondering why I was born,
Life is just a prickly thorn.

Now that's not true I tell myself
Life is like candy off a shelf,
It can be a sweet zesty delight
If you unwrap and taste it right.

Maybe it's loneliness concealed
An emotion not yet revealed
Or just possibly I'm disposed
To problems not yet exposed.

There's abundance where I bide
But mixed thoughts can't decide
Whether to be sad or glad or not,
Even with all the bounty I've got.

I should be with my surrounds,
Amid pleasant sights and sounds
As happy as a songbird in spring
Yet I'm baffled about everything.

I wish for a tender loving touch,
That would please me so much,
I'm sure I'd feel hugely better
Instead of unpleasantly bitter.

I spy a cute butterfly over there
It seems happy with not a care,
I watch it fly from there to here,
Ever so softly it brushed my ear.

Gingerly it settled upon my knee
And fluttered bright wings at me
As if to whisper hello old friend
Before it flickered away again.

I smiled as I watched it depart,
Snickering with joy in my heart,
A pretty butterfly gave it's time
To cheer up a restless mind.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-01-08

Song title: "Wild Rover"

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