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Solace at Seaside by Kenneth J Ellison

Solace at Seaside

I stand on the sandy shore
Seeking solace at sunset's door,
Summer winds from off the sea
Soothingly caress and refresh me.

Softly darkness cloaks me tight
Soon to be bathed in moonlight,
The sun reluctantly sinks from sight
Surrendering the sea to coming night.

Neptune's sea sounds pleasingly play
Bringing an end to a worrisome day,
How fleeting my frustrations fade away
Freeing my mind from its haze of gray.

Solace at Seaside in Tortola BVI

Rising sea swells wave farewell
To the setting sun furling it's sail,
With a burst of color it disappears,
I marvel in solitude resting here.

Kissed by a warm gentle sea breeze
My troubled mind begins to ease,
Slowly and surely my concerns end,
Carried to sea by the summer wind.

As dusky darkness enfolds me
I am one with the calming sea,
Here my worry of mind amends,
Drifted to sea by summer winds.

Solace by the Seaside in the Bahamas

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-17-05

Song title: "Cocoa Breeze"

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