Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The winter moon in a cloud sprinkled sky
Lights the heavens as it sails serenely by,
Curiously it moves yet seems to stand still,
Suspended in time over the seas lonely shrill.

Sea songs shrill sharply into the lonely night
Fading to soft moans and groans before quiet,
Only to be reborn again by the cold salty gale,
Again to chant beneath the moon's silver pale.

Rolls of sea swells far out in the restless deep
Waken as moonlit hills from an uneasy sleep,
Rolling to their fates end on a stony shoreline
As crashing billowed waves of turbulent brine.

Moonbeams sparkle whitecaps across the sea,
Flickers of white diamonds that burst then flee,
Rushing as crested waves to the craggy shore
As thunderclaps they crash with a booming roar.

Rays of moonlit fingers pierce the clouded cover
To highlight running breakers fleeing each other,
Wildly they hasten to shatter among the boulders
Where a silhouette sits with trembling shoulders.

Huddled in desperation among the mossy stones
A heartbroken dreamer endures sadness alone,
As moon-rays play along the sea's churning edge
The shadowy figure climbs up on a perilous ledge.

Beneath the sea sounds and winter's pale moon,
Underneath the wild wind's haunting sad croon
Is heard a sadder song of loneliness and despair,
Whispered cries and tears blend with salted air.

Where the icy gale winds moan it will dawn soon,
Daybreak will chase away the fading winter moon,
The coming daylight will highlight an empty shore,
A sad cry for help is lost in the wind forevermore.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-22-08

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