Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


At this splendid time of year
Awaited spring settles here,
Through winter I've yearned,
Pining away until it returned.

When snow melts in the passes
And green comes to grasses
And daffodils bloom over the hills
I am brimmed with rosy thrills.

I spied a robin from the window
And saw lambs in the meadow,
There is a sweetness in the air
As spring blossoms with a flair.

While the fruit trees bud so do I,
My inspired self is feeling spry,
My footsteps are a little lighter,
My personality grows brighter.

When frigid winter finally flees
And trees sprout new leaves
And cheery birds begin to sing
I marvel at the glow of spring.

With spring's burst I get giddy
I may whistle and dance a ditty
Cause hope rises to a new high
With the bluing of a cloudless sky.

I'm just a springtime ding-a-ling,
It makes me giggle and sing,
Happy heart strings go zing-zing
And my refreshed spirit wings.

In no other season of the year
Am I filled with so much cheer,
On my face a silly grin you'll see
When spring blooms inside of me.

Blooms of Spring

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-09-08

Song title: "Country Dawn"

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