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September's Song by Kenneth J Ellison

If you listen closely you can just hear
Soft whispers of autumn drawing near,
September's song is beginning to chorus
The dawning of a brisk new season to us.

Softly at first it sings then gleefully rings,
Singing of the beautiful changes it brings,
September sings of colorful things and views,
And It's sing along song proclaims the news.

The words ring out with tidings to shout about,
There will be brilliant scenery painted throughout,
Over hill and dale and far rolling plains
Will be lain a coat of colors sprinkled with rains.

Orange, gold's and browns will be painted around
From the tallest tree crowns to the dewy ground,
From far horizon to where the wild river rushes
Autumn paints hues with many colored brushes.

September's wind sings thru the nodding trees
Rustling the leaves with it's singsong breeze,
Soon they'll be airborne from where they adorn,
Dancing before resting on a frosty fall morn.

As the dog days of summer draw to an end
Soon we'll be nipped by fall's chilly blend,
Autumn's splendor will be on grand display
With a mix of bright colors in a glorious array.

All to soon the flowers will lose their bloom
We'll miss their beauty and sweet perfume,
We'll miss the warm sunshine on our faces
And all the charms that summer embraces.

But September's song has come to us clearly,
Soon we'll revel in holidays held dearly
For now we'll bask in the beauty of September
And hold summer in memory to remember.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-28-08

Song title: "It Was Pretty To Be In Ballinderry"

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