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Summer Feelings Title Image

Pink Rose

I'm smiling more often now
There is no wrinkled brow,
Fresh thoughts are merrier
And my outlook is cheerier.

I was me when summer came
But I am not the same,
I'm not the person I knew
In the damp of springs' dew.

I harbored sullen thoughts
My moods were distraught
But bad feelings disappeared
Soon after summer appeared.

I came to this cape to escape
My emotionally mazed shape,
I fled to this haven at the sea
Trying desperately to find me.

I needed someone to talk to
And luckily there was you,
You listened closely as I talked,
Comforting me as we walked.

Strolling in the moonlight one night
Watching shooting-stars flash bright
We met that handsome tanned man
Just as my destiny had planned.

The summer through I was with you
And my happiness greatly grew,
Our bond of friendship will ever last
Though summer together has past.

Remember that handsome man we met?
Well, He is writing and calling me yet,
He said he loves me and I love him
I'm so happy I dated him on a whim.

My feelings are much brighter now
I've changed and I know how,
It's because of you my friend and him,
My hearts desire kissed on a whim.

Pink Rose

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-18-08

Song title: "El Reloj"

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