Summer Sail by Kenneth J Ellison

You've made that cruise
To chase away your blues
And the promise of some fun
On our island of endless sun.

Drop anchor in Sunset Bay
And watch the dolphins play
Or boat ashore to join in
The festival is about to begin.

Everyone's in a party mood,
You can sample ample food,
Just bring us a great big smile
You're welcome on our little isle.

Flickering torches light the beach,
Glowing circles thrown by each,
A black velvet evening settles in
Cooled by the gentle blowing wind.

Palm trees are softly swaying,
Marimba bands are playing,
Girls in grass skirts are dancing,
Carefree couples are romancing.

Waves gently caress the sand
Lovers strolling hand in hand,
Lightly kissed by the sea mist
They pause for a lingering kiss.

You can sleep in the balmy night
In a hammock under starlight,
Mildly swayed to peaceful bliss
And sweet dreams of happiness.

Just have fun while you're here,
We hope you'll be back next year
To our little paradise in the sun
When summer vacation has begun.

(c)Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-10-05

Song title: "Jealous"

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