Late September by Kenneth J Ellison


A sky show raises over mountain peaks
The heavens light up with vivid streaks
As late September's sunrise surprise
Is painting pictures in autumn skies.

Stillness cloaks over the dawning
On this cool September morning,
A serene landscape is eerily still
But for the sunrise over the hills.

Slow motion in the heavenly scenes
Paint brush strokes of colors unseen,
Bright sunbeams light the horizon low
Splashing the hills with a golden glow.

No whisper of breeze stirs in trees
Nor rustle of autumns fallen leaves,
Only the sunrise moves in the skies
Over a countryside that sleepily lies.

Time and space are frozen in place
Held still by September's embrace
That coats the hills with morning dew
Sparkled by sunrays of flashy hues.

Daybreaks sunlight softly surrounds
Erasing shadows from dewy ground,
A cock's crow breaks the quite of dawn
Awakening a family to stretch and yawn.

Ever slowly the countryside awakens,
Shaken by a chill that isn't mistaken,
The shivery cold that hovers in misty air
Proclaims winters affair is set to declare.

September's sun bathes a sleeping land
Warmly wrapping with brilliance grand,
A cheery dawn displays a glorious decor
And winter waits roaring at autumns door.

Late September Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-18-05

Song title: "Thinking"

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