Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Winter has played it's ace
Snow's all over the place,
This season he'll be alone,
The nag and dog are gone.

The old codger stokes the stove
Wondering where his dog roved,
His best friend had run away
On a frosty autumn day.

The pooch was last to leave
At the falling of the leaves,
His wife had fled before,
Hurling bedamns and more.

He's alone when he sleeps,
In stark solitude he eats,
The dogs warmth he misses
But not the cold of the Mrs.

He hankers for his old pooch
And reflects as he sips hooch,
A dog is a true friend for life,
Unlike his temporary wife.

The leather faced old geezer
Likens his home to a freezer,
Seeing his breath in the air
As he toddles here and there.

He curses cracks in the wall
And drafts down the hall,
Early winter's in full bloom
It's frigid in every room.

Sitting near the stove for heat
He warms toes and feet,
Wishing for pooch to come home
But glad the shrew is gone.

" Mixed Emotions "

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-30-05

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