Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


Whimsical notions of balmy days
Interrupt my moods of gray,
Summer has fleeted away,
Winter has settled to stay.

Hazy somber skies loom
With dark clouds of gloom,
Bluebirds of bliss have flown,
Winter's seeds are sown.

The magic of summer dreams
Slowly ebb to winter scenes,
Thoughts of summers persuasion
Are quelled by winter's invasion.

Gone are my starry nights
Flown my hearts delight,
My fondness for summer stays
Clouded by winter's hue of grays.

Leaves of brown strewn around,
Colors of drabness abound,
Trees are barren and forlorn
Disrobed by winter's scorn.

I dread the approaching snows
And Icy winds biting blow,
There is nowhere I can go
But to a fires warm glow.

Sinister storm clouds hang low,
Too soon there will be snow,
The weather vane wildly spins,
Another wicked winter begins.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-01-05

Song title: "Indiana"

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