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The Wild Bunch by Kenneth J Ellison

The Wild Bunch Title

Through dawn's amber sky
Honking as they fly,
Hundreds wing over me
As far as I can see.

From horizon to skyline afar
Majestic wild geese they are,
Regally in flight they wing,
As pearls in an endless string.

Wild ones, too many to tally
Winging over hills and valley,
Tirelessly winging south
Fleeing winter's icy mouth.

In a southward direction
Seeking sun's protection
Ever relentless they fly on
Through autumn's dawn.

Beautiful they are to see
Chattering noisily over me
As if they well understood
I would join them if I could.

I yearn to fly with them,
Just act upon a whim,
I'd soar to heavens high
And take my place in the sky.

We would wing off together
Toward sunshiny weather,
What joy this dream brings,
If I were a goose till spring.

If only I were a wild goose
I'd set my spirit loose,
I'd zoom so high in the sky
And join those flying by.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-11-05

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