Spooky silence thru the eve
Was a bit chilling to me,
There was a hush over the hills,
All was dreadfully still.

I jumped into my cold bed,
Pulling quilts over my head
And while I snored aloud,
Outside gathered storm clouds.

Awakening with a froze nose,
Freezing from head to toes
I tippytoe to the icy window
Peering thru lingering shadows.

Something was in the trees
Blown by blustery breeze,
Something through the night
Had covered them white.

Something was on the ground
Heaped deeply all around,
Like a fleece quilt of white
It had settled in the night.

Toddling across the cold floor
I opened the squeaky door,
Stepping out to my surprise
I stood in snow to my thighs.

This must be a dream cried I,
Where's the clear autumn sky?
I hear a booming voice in my ear,
Wake up sleepyhead, winter's here.


©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-16-05

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