Gray is the day
Cold as clay,
Gray my thoughts
Of what winter's brought.

Dark is the skies,
Dark as my eyes,
Black is my mood,
I pout and brood.

Barren are the trees
Stripped of leaves,
Barren the scenery
Of showy greenery.

White is the ground
And all that surrounds,
White as a sheet
From snow and sleet.

Shades of gray abound
No vivid colors around,
The snow's white gleam
Is the only seen.

Red is my frosty nose,
Froze are my toes,
Chapped are my lips,
Frigid my fingertips.

Shivery sleet is in air,
Wetting matted hair,
Iced are my scarlet ears,
Frosted is my ample rear.

Summer is now a memory
To ease winter's drudgery,
Black is the mood of me
Till summer's blue I see.

©Author: Kenneth Ellison 10-27-05

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