Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

On a creepy winter's night
While you're sleeping tight
It comes slipping in,
Billowing thick and thin.

Silently it slowly creeps,
Sopping wet it eerily seeps,
Wetting all in it's path
With a shivery frigid bath.

Sinister clouds of ooze
Cloak as you snooze
Shrouding all from view
With it's dewy dank brew.

Clammy misty fingers of gray
Caress the moonlight away
Hiding everything from sight
In blurring layers of white.

Layers linger low to ground
Spreading dampness around,
As it sneaks without a sound
Concealing all it surrounds.

When you awake at dawn,
Sleepily scratch and yawn,
There's a surprise in store
Waiting outside your door.

While you were sleeping
Fog came ghostly creeping,
There is no outside anymore,
Only fog and nothing more.

Fog blankets ground to skies
Veiling all from peering eyes,
Dusk will come before it goes,
Shooed away by winter snows.

©Author: Kenneth Ellison 12-02-05

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