Ho-hum winter's packing to go
As it displays it's last show,
Snow lies lightly on the ground
With ice sheets spread 'round.

Tedious winter will soon set sail
Taking with it howling gales,
Into oblivion it will sail away
Carrying onboard dark drab days.

Wearisome winter's mostly through
With icy mornings of frozen dew
Clinging to blades of brown grass
Like teardrops of crystal glass.

Old man winter's almost finished
The drumming rain has diminished,
There's a sense of change underway
As sluggish winter sails away.

A little more ice , a little more snow
A few nights of storms that blow,
Then dreary winter will be done,
And we'll see a little more sun.

The short nights are becoming longer
Our faded spirits are getting stronger,
We patiently await the dawn of spring
And the wonderland it'll bring.

The waning winter makes us glad indeed.
The coming spring sows happiness seed,
Soon springtime sun will warm smiling faces
As winter's shivery cold it softly replaces.


©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 01-07-06

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