Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

This morning I awoke to early light.
What happened to long chilly nights?
Were the days becoming longer?
Or my wishful daydream stronger?

Ever disbelieving I ventured outside
And eyed the scenery far and wide.
Fragrance of spring was in the breeze,
I noticed the budding of sleepy trees.

A small circle of high blue skies
Caught my unsuspecting eyes,
Fluffy balls were in the middle,
White clouds lent to the riddle.

How did this spectacle come to be?
This display over and around me,
Don't the trees and blue skies know
We're still in winter's wild show.

I saw songbirds making their nest.
Aren't the redbreast early at best?
How could robin's possibly forget
That boring winter's not over yet.

I took a walk around my brown yard
Studying the landscape very hard,
I saw green blades of new daffodils,
Yet frost still blankets atop hills.

There's a huge ball of yellow overhead
Blinding my eyes and warming my head.
Why did the sun pick this time to shine?
Have we left old man winter behind?

It must be me that's utterly confused
Under sunshiny skies of blue hues,
Maybe winter's gloom we've survived,
I think bonnie spring has just arrived.

©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 01-18-06

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