Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There is rainbows in the sky,
Signs winter has passed by,
They preview a coming event
That can only be Heaven sent.

God has returned spring
With the wonder it brings,
Freeing us from dark winter
As He bid springtime enter.

Winter storms never last
With springtime they pass,
As blooms open under sun
His refreshing has begun.

In meadows flowers bloom
Giving us fragrant perfume
And songbirds give us a treat
With their singing so sweet.

Snow melts off mountain peaks
Swelling rivers and creeks
Neath pale clouds drifting free
They rush wildly to the sea.

Smells of spring fill the air
There is beauty everywhere
Lifting our spirits on high
Beneath the sunstruck sky.

Colorful sunrises grandly raise
Setting lighted skies ablaze
And orange sunsets warmly glow
Presenting a glorious show.

Senses brim with sight and sound
As God spreads glory around,
The Master painter paints bold
A bright new season to behold.

Another spring renews the land
Given to us from God's hand,
It is a present we won't forget
As we bask in the splendor of it.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-09-04

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