Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Oh the great wonders of spring
What joy the season brings,
Greenery grows over hill and dale
Displaying beauty on a grand scale.

Spring has sprung it has begun,
Teased noses have started to run.
Weeds in meadows kissed by dew
Makes itchy pollen for me and you.

Spores, dust and fungus fan out,
Airborne they plug our sore snout.
Coughs, nose drips and headaches,
We sneeze so hard buttons break.

Our red eyes weep as tears seep,
Down cheeks they crawly creep.
Our enlarged noses spew sprays
As we suffer wretched ho-hum days.

We hack until throats are sore
And in our ears a droning roar,
We surely will die is our belief
As we pop pills seeking relief.

As spring fever bubbles over anew
It's hay fever season for we few,
We'd like to skip the spring thing
And all the dang misery it brings.

"Spring Lament"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-19-04

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