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Beautiful Butterfly by Kenneth J. Ellison

Encircled by spring flowers
I whiled away some hours
Savoring the warm sunshine
Near the honeysuckle vine.

A glint of color caught my eye,
A butterfly came waltzing by,
Such a darling beauty to see
As it danced daintily past me.

I gazed as it lightly winged
Through sunbeams of spring,
In this morning of warm sun
I watched a showy pretty one.

In circles fluttered the beaut
So lovely dressed-up cute,
Splendid colors gaily adorn
A little cutie this warm morn.

Lazily it danced through the air
So gracefully here to there,
Satiny wings glinting in sunlight
Casting colors bonnie bright.

I thought at once to say hello
As it gingerly glided to and fro
But it seemed so timid and shy
I only nodded as it brushed by.

From bloom to blossom it flew
Sipping nectar from flowers new,
So pretty was the little butterfly
Settled on petals under blue sky.

Dancing high into the air it flew
Then fluttered down to bid adieu,
So long my beautiful little friend
I hope tomorrow we'll meet again.

Beautiful Butterfly
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-03-06

Song title: "Luke Dillon"

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