Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
One Morning by Kenneth J Ellison

One Morning in the Mist

Mist has risen from the beach,
Calming serenity is just in reach,
I stroll the deserted shoreline
Savoring spring's warm sunshine.

Crunchy sand between my toes,
Salty breezes tickle my nose,
Gentle waves crest at the shore
Giving lyrics to the ocean's roar.

Seagulls chant a haunting refrain
Loudly protesting others in vain,
Chattering they swoop low to sand,
Snatching bread bits from my hand.

I turn my gaze to the morning sky
And marvel at the clouds sailing by.
"Sail on white ships in a sea of blue,
I wish I could sail away with you."

One Morning Misty River
White plumes as lacy feathers rise
From horizon high into bright skies
Joining the Earth with cottony clouds
Showing off their splendor so proud.

There's no one on Earth it seems
Just me, the ocean and my dreams,
Slowly the pressures of life unwind
As daydreams drift through my mind.

I spread my blanket on warm sand
Amid the sights and sounds so grand
And closing my eyes to the blue sky
I drift away with the clouds sailing by.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-17-06

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