Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


Spring has painted scenes of green
Sunbathed beauty waits to be seen,
Flowers fragrance floats on breeze,
As I lounge lazily beneath my tree.

Lamb's are in the lush meadow
Romping after their own shadow,
Bird's are warbling a cheery song,
I whistle back to urge them along.

Resting beneath the oak's shade
Casually sipping sweet lemonade,
Between branches I see blue sky
Where curious shaped clouds sail by.

Planes streak thru skies yonder
That gives me reason to ponder.
Where are those people going to?
And when there, what will they do?

Guess their off to see far away places,
Visiting countries and different races.
They should relax under a tree as me
And read of places they'd like to see.

I'll just sit here for a very long time
This spring day gives peace of mind,
I'm too comfy to venture anywhere,
I don't care what's way over there.

I'll linger away the day under this tree
As spring's gentle breezes caress me,
I won't rise till I'm good and ready too,
There's just nothing else I'd rather do.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-16-04
(revised: 03-08-06)

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