Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


She wakes with a sleepy yawn
To a stunning springtime dawn,
Raising to peer out the window
She catches a brilliant sky show.

While the morning coffee makes,
Her sleepy mate not yet awake,
A stroll she'll take along the lake
To marvel at a glorious daybreak.

Songbirds sing cheerfully to her,
Ducks circle the lake with a whir,
From the water curls of mist rise
Forming white spirals to skies.

Bullfrogs hush their courtship song
Bright sunbeams spray forth dawn,
Fingers of sunlight paint pastel hues
Of orange, purple and bonnie blues.

Heavens part to let sunrays through
Sparkling drops of morning dew,
As diamonds they burst with light,
Teeming treats in daybreak's delight.

At the end of the flowered pathway
She pauses to welcome the new day,
Gazing in wonder at nature's display,
She lingers then smiling, turns away.

How good to be alive she thought,
To feel the joy spring has brought.
There is serenity in sunup's array,
She tarries on the flowered pathway.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-30-06

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