Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Summer winds are stirring again
An urgent message they send,
It's time for my yearly vacation
To fill my dreary life with elation.

I'll go where marimba bands play
And lie in a hammock all day,
Nights I'll stroll a moonlit beach
Where bright stars seem in reach.

Where tropical trade winds blow
And palm trees swing to and fro,
Where fragrant wild orchids grow
In my daydreams I yearn to go.

I'll go where grass skirts sway
To the rhythm of drums all day,
Where relaxed is the lifestyle
And everyone wears a smile.

My earthly Eden is waiting me
It lies amid the deep blue sea
With beaches of snow-white sand
Sits a tiny isle of heavenly land.

I'm going to go sailing once more
To those gleaming sandy shores,
To that island of never-ending sun
Where me and the sea are one.

I'm going to laze each sunny day
Where sea songs and sounds play
Where my troubles will melt away,
Perhaps this time I'll just stay.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-10-06

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