Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There's a place in mind where I can go,
Where spring's melted winter's snow,
Where the beauty of springtime abounds
And serene sights and sounds surround.

When problems of life wear me down
And each day I wear a furrowed frown,
I close weary eyes and dream me there,
Sitting on a rock that's my favorite chair.

Into the woods where the tall pine grow
There's a calming secret place I can go,
Atop a mount where I see miles around
By a brook that makes a bubbling sound.

A bonnie meadow lies amid the trees,
Where I sit to see all that comforts me.
Sunshine warms me as dreamily I stare
At beautiful wildflowers growing there.

Songbirds of bright colors warble songs,
I whistle in return singing merrily along,
White clouds drift lazily through blue sky
As odd shaped ships they glide silently by.

As a gentle warm breeze tickles my chin
My worries melt away, and I smile again,
A magic place this meadow amid the trees
Where my wearied mind is easily freed.

In my charmed meadow of deluxe delight
There is only beauty as far as my sight,
My renewed spirit and peace of mind soar
When I dream open my secret place door.

"Secret Place"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-01-03
( Revised: 04-09-06 )

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