Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Sleepy trees shed their leaves,
There's chilliness in the breeze,
It's time to wear warm sleeves,
Uneasy we watch summer leave.

Autumn's laying it's flashy display
Over the land in a splendid array,
A quilt of colorings cover the hills
As it's patchwork of paint spills.

Everywhere the land is changing
As we witness nature rearranging,
Scenes of green and flowers galore
Are replaced by fall's darker decor.

Shades of orange, gold and brown
Are haphazardly strewn around,
From mountains to valley's below
Nature is displaying a color show.

Leaves rise as dancers in the air
Twirling in circles with lively flair,
As autumn winds strip trees bare
The dancers sashay everywhere.

Chilling breezes intensely gust,
Donning a warm coat is a must,
There is dampness far and wide
As autumn wets the countryside.

Autumn's mist has coldly kissed,
Summer fun in the sun is missed
But autumn is a wonder to behold
With hues of orange, brown and gold.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-06-06

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