Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Summer's arrived quietly
Warm sun shines brightly,
There's moonlight nightly,
Twinkling stars are sightly.

Soft winds lightly are playing
Among flowered trees swaying,
Bloomed beauty is displaying
Neath bright sunbeams raying.

Colorful songbirds are singing
Melodious tunes they're bringing,
Branches to nest they're springing
Before they cheerily go winging.

Fragrant flowers are blooming
Warm breezes they're perfuming,
Tiny hummingbirds are zooming,
Nature's nectar they're consuming.

The frisky foals are all running
While tired mares lay sunning,
Impatient milk-cows are bawling,
Their impish calves they're calling.

Romantic turtledoves are wooing,
Through the hills they are cooing
Beneath sunny sky that's bluing
Seducing the wildlife to renewing.

I lie on my back in sweet clover
Seeing cottony clouds float over,
I'll dreamily laze this day through
Wrapped in summer's halo of blue.

Sights and sounds are so pleasing
The fragrancy sweetly appeasing,
Lying in this wild flowered meadow
I will renew in the red oak's shadow.

"Summer Meadow"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-18-06

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