Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

A distant roll of thunder echo's afar,
The wakening sky is vanishing stars,
The paling heavens signal a new day,
As a radiant sunrise climbs it's way.

Bullfrog's croak loud at pond's bank,
Milk cows bawl from the water tank,
The squeaky old windmill is eerily still
As the morning sun peeps over the hill.

Brilliance gingerly ebbs a darkened sky,
The big orange ball rises onward to high,
As morning doves wing off with soft coos
A gilded summer morn is birthed anew.

The hound on the porch is slow to rise
Cocking long ears to nighthawk cries,
Windows of the farmhouse glitter bright
As fingers of sunrays thrust thru night.

The rising sunlight over highland crest
Awakes the land from a peaceful rest,
Picturesque perfect is the grand event,
Trumpeting panorama's heavenly sent.

The noble majesty of the divine display
Herald's the arrival of a beautiful day,
Sunbeams gently nudge shadows away
Blazing the scene with a colorful spray.

From the porch swing rocking to and fro
Two old lovebirds watch the sunrise show
As sunrays chase showy shadows at play
They join warm hands to welcome the day .

"Summer Sunrise"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-30-06

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