Autumn Interlude by Kenneth J Ellison

Leaf Divide

Charms of autumn encircle me,
Nature is on a coloring spree,
I am enchanted by the display
Of this crisp sunlit day.

Chilling winds tingle my skin
As I breathe the beauty in,
My breath's are puffs of white
like tufts of clouds in flight.

Autumn's breeze caresses trees,
I'm entranced by drifting leaves,
So gracefully they flutter down
Creating colors of clutter around.

There's a chill in mornings mist
The land has been dew kissed,
How it sparkles in late sunshine
As delicate diamonds fine.

I can hear no songbirds singing
Only the honk of geese winging,
Chattering as they fly thru sky,
Hightailing as winter grows nigh.

Thoughts of summer are clear
As dreaded winter draws near,
Bits and pieces of precious time
With you race through my mind.

I hear the whisper of leaves
Dancing in the autumn breeze,
Their reminder a faint murmur,
Your homecoming is next summer.

"Autumn Interlude"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-03-06

Song title: "Fall Leaves"

Leaf Divide

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