Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Recluse by Kenneth Ellison

Leaf Divide

Autumn has arrived with a flourish
The desire for change nourished,
The outside world needs the seasons
But I have no earthly reasons.

I have no want for seasons change
No need for weather to rearrange,
It matters not a whit the hot or cold
Or the in-between weathers hold.

Fall is their beautiful time of year
Let them delight for all I care,
Let them inhale the time with glee,
Bright colors mean nothing to me.

So what if colored leaves fall down
And chilly wind strews them around,
The pesky wind dancers will be back,
When spring opens a sunshine crack.

Folks get excitedly delighted in fall
As wet fingers of fog begin to crawl,
They like wet feet and red noses,
Earlier it was sunbeams and roses.

I don't care what season it is or not
Their best face is easily forgot,
Their gushing beauty is lost on me
At best seasons have little to see.

People get giddy over Halloween
Pumpkins in a field is their scene,
From where I roost behind my latch
This bumpkin hates a pumpkin patch.

A patchwork of bright colors abound
Fall is painting it's splendor around,
They say the beauty is joy to behold,
I say let them rejoice in bitter cold.

I am a recluse and like it this way,
Hidden away from seasons display
So let them wallow in autumns wet,
I've found no glory in seasons yet.


©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-09-08

Song title: "Ash Grove"

Leaf Divide

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