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Winter Whispers

Winter Whispers at the Old Mill

Softly, with only whispers of sound
Winter came calling around,
Hardly did I notice the change
When nature began too rearrange.

Droplets of rain on windowpane,
The spinning of the weathervane,
Mountains capped with new snow,
Scenery is changing ever so slow.

Cooling nights are growing long,
The chilly wind is gusting strong,
Gone are the bird's chirping song,
All hint that winter's coming along.

Morning dew glistens the scene,
One's puffs of breath can be seen,
The meadows once lush and green
Are now leaned by nature's routine.

Bright colors of summer's display
Have browned and wilted away,
Vanished are flowers that came in May
Strewn over meadows in vivid array.

Geese are winging their way South
Fleeing the icy kiss of winter's mouth,
Forest trees have nodded off to sleep
Their shed leaves lie heaped deep.

I barely noticed when it all started,
When summer quietly departed,
It seems there was no fall at all
Before dreaded winter came to call.

"Winter Whispers"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-10-06

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