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First Snow by Kenneth J Ellison

First Snow

A winter wonderland I saw
Kindling emotions of awe,
A storm laid a quilt of white,
First snow arrived last night.

First Snow Divide
A burst of wind brushes skin,
Shivering I chill from within,
Footsteps fall softly in powder,
The winds song hum's louder.
First Snow Divide
I kicked a pile of powdery snow
To watch it puff up and blow,
Swirling wildly in wintry wind,
Helter-skelter, then settled again.
First Snow Divide
I shook a tree branch to see
Shiny icicle's plop about me
As gleaming daggers in a row
Jutting up sparkly in the snow.
First Snow Divide
I readied my red new bobsled
But put it in back in the shed,
Pulling my cap over my head
I trudged to the house instead.
First Snow Divide
I have no desire for any play
This snow-clad blustery day,
I'd rather be roasting my toes
By the warmth of a fire's glow.
First Snow Divide
A comfy nook, a book to read
And hot cocoa is what I need,
It's freezing outside that door,
I'd rather hear the hearth roar.

"First Snow"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-30-06

Song title: "first Snow"

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