Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Daybreak over mountains crest
Shows off a wilderness dressed,
Donned in a formal of lacy white,
A snowstorm has lain overnight.

Snowdrifts lie heaped in the glen
Piled deep by nipping wind,
Craggy mountains to river below
Sports a coat of pristine snow.
Over hill and dale lies a hush
Burst only by the river's rush,
It ripples and gurgles with glee
Merrily on it's way to the sea.
Sweet the swift water that runs
Bubbling beneath scarce sun,
Rushing between frozen shores
Until at last the sea's faint roar.
Rare winter sunrays prance,
Over crusted snow they dance,
Sparking ice crystals as glass,
With a soft kiss as they pass.
Tree boughs nod to the ground,
Snow laden they bow down
To rise once more with the sun
As it thaws faces one by one.
Night will dark the countryside
Eagerly as a blushing bride,
Beautifully it will softly perform,
Ushering in another snowstorm.
Hush-hush hear the whispers clear
Of wind songs over the frontier,
Winter's wonder is on display
As snowfall pins a white bouquet.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-20-06

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