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Missing Seasons by Kenneth J Ellison

Missing Seasons

Being tired of the seasons
Gave me plenty of reasons
To head down Mexico way
And siesta in sun every day.

I moved to the southwest
For some retirement rest,
Chasing the warm sunshine
To ease these bones of mine.
I wanted to bask in hot sun
Until my days were done,
Where cold wind never blows
And frostbite won't nip toes.
An adobe rancho I bought
But it's not like I thought,
A Garden of Eden it's not,
Everyday is simmering hot.
Every season is the same
There's never cooling rain,
Somewhere there is snows
But not where cactus grows.
The sun comes up then down,
Only lizards and sand around,
The unbearable heat is a drain,
I'm tired of this desert domain.
I'm migrating to the northland
To escape this burning sand
And live among mountains tall,
Where there is seasons I recall.
Some winter snow is what I need
Where a tree is not a tumbleweed,
I dearly miss the changing seasons,
I'm northbound for personal reasons.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-30-06

Song title: "The Touch"

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