Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

March Mirrored Raindrops on Branches

March Star Divide

We endured snow and slush
Waiting for winter to hush,
We saw ice cover the ground
As winter lay it's fury down.

Dreamily we watch and wait
For spring to open it's gate,
Hopefully looking for a sign
Like a beam of sunshine.

Spring desires grow stronger
As daylight lingers longer
We long for it's wondrous show
And wearied winter to go.

Relentless March wind howls
As a loin it snarls and growls
Blowing pelting rain sideways
As winter ends it's days.

The coy sun plays hide and seek,
Amid clouds It sneaks a peek
Sending hints of warming ahead
When winter grays are shed.

As March ends winter's charades
Spring sets out showy parades
Marching beauty over hill and dale,
Painting glory on a grand scale.

When wildflowers cover meadows
And again we see our shadows,
We'll rise from winter hibernation
To join a gala celebration.

We'll jump for joy as winter leaves
And blossoms adorn cherry trees,
When old blustery March is over
We'll jig barefoot in new clover.

March Star Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-20-07

Song title: "Done Gone"

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