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Winter Impression by Kenneth J Ellison
Winter Impressions Snowflake

I watched it snow
From the window
Till dusky shadows
Crept the meadows.

From first faint light
Until enchanted night
Was a charming sight
Of designed delight.

Out of a blue-gray sky
Flakes swirled to lie,
Drifting crazily down
Covering icy ground.

Snowflakes sunflower size
Nearly large as lemon pies
Fleetly laid deeply a quilt,
A sparkly white they built.

Blustery moaning wind
With snowflakes blend,
Created flurries to rise
In patterns of surprise.

As dancers in bridal gowns
Flakes rose to wind sounds,
Merrily waltzing to the tune
Before settling in a swoon.

Twilight coldness freezes,
No hint of gusty breezes,
The scene is serenely still,
Winter has spent it's thrill.

From mirrored lily-pond
Over the lake and beyond
Spreads a soft silver sheen,
The grandest I've seen.

Tonight while I soundly sleep
Moonbeams will softly creep
Highlighting the silvery night
Dressed so beautiful in white.
Winter Impressions Snowflake

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-07-07

Song title: "Short And Sweet"

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