Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I awake to a quacking ruckus,
The hue and cry of their fusses,
As rowdy children may quibble
Over a candy morsel to nibble.

Duck's skylark upon the pond
Where winter waved it's wand,
Where the wild ones nosily feed,
Sparkly ice beads cling to reeds.

I wish that pond was far away
So I couldn't hear their play,
Deep in a dandy dream was I
Before their chattering outcry.

This feather bed is comfy warm
After last night's blustery storm
And it's freezing outside I know
Where antsy ducks put on a show.

Wintertime laid a blanket of ice
While I slept in my bed so nice,
Frozen pellets pelted the ground
As I snuggled to quilt's of down.

I can see breath's in icy air
As I yawn and sleepily stare
Then tug quilts over my head,
I dread to rise from a warm bed.

Just outside the bedroom wall
At the pond is a free-for-all,
Wild ducks unmercifully quack,
Excitedly looking for a snack.

Suddenly I hear the hum of wings,
Fluttering to the sky they sing,
Southward they rise winging steep,
I smile and fall peacefully asleep.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-09-06

Song title: "Wintertime"

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