Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Breath Of Spring Flowers

I country-danced a lively jig
When I saw a green sprig,
Glee filled me to the brim
As I held the budding limb.

I yelped an earsplitting shout
When I saw a flower sprout
Peeking from the flowerbed,
It timidly raised it's head.

Long has been it's slumber
Now it wakes from under,
Rising to a pale gray sky,
A sight pleasing to the eye.

I jumped with jubilation
And excited anticipation
Cause I saw a robin redbreast
Gathering twigs for a nest.

I cried hallelujah out loud
When I spied a sunlit cloud
And dots of blue amidst gray
Teasingly on deluxe display.

I yodeled to heavens on high
As a gaggle of geese flew by,
Honking northward they fly,
Through a blue polka dot sky.

I cartwheeled down the hill
And flopped by a daffodil,
It gave me marvelous joy
Like a kid with a birthday toy.

Suddenly I had a revelation
Of the cause of celebration,
Could it be true? Can it be?
Spring has sprung on me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-18-07

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