Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Spring Wishes for You

I have a few wishes for you
And I hope they come true,
Special ones I send your way,
Hoping to brighten your day.
Spring Roses
Spring is here as you know
So wish seeds I want to sow,
Pleasant ones I hope will grow
And lift your spirit's to a glow.
Spring Roses
Birds, buds and blooming trees,
Sunny days and a warm breeze,
Fragrances sweet within the air,
They are for you, I so declare.
Spring Roses
I wish you beautiful flowers
To perfume carefree hours,
May all the blossoms you see
Be specially for you from me.
Spring Roses
May birds sing sweetest songs
For you each sunny day long,
May their songs bring pleasure
Into your life without measure.
Spring Roses
May your days be sunlit bright
With no gray clouds in sight,
From dusk till dawn each night
May your dreams be a delight.
Spring Roses
As spring's beauty gently lies
From the earth to bluest skies
And the land is beautifully new,
May good fortune smile on you.
Spring Roses
Spring has lain wondrous displays
Yielding us beauty in many ways
But long before it's glory was drew
I saw spring's beauty in you.

Golden Butterfly

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-03-07

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