Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Springtime Images

I while away pleasant hours
In a meadow of wildflowers,
Sweet fragrance's fill the air,
Showy colors display with flair.

I study clouds sailing over
From a comfy bed of clover,
Merrily adrift in daydreams,
Warmed by spring sunbeams.

Dreamily I stare at blue sky
Watching an eagle soar high,
Slowly fading from my sight,
How I long to join the flight.

Nesting birds in a cherry tree
Trill a special song just for me,
They are a lovely scene to see,
What a heavenly place to be.

Dainty butterflies flutter over
Where I lie in sweet clover,
Gently floating on the breeze
That rustles the cherry leaves.

Lambs frolic in the meadow
Mystified by their shadow,
New foals whinny on the run,
Romping in circles for fun.

The aroma of spring fills the air
There is aliveness everywhere,
As far as amazed eyes can see,
Stunning beauty lies before me.

A grand season of spring brings
Renewed life to earthly things,
I drink in the glory around me,
I have hope, my spirit is set free.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-18-07

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