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Butterfly Garden by Kenneth Ellison

Butterfly Garden

In the garden of early morn
I sat lonesome and forlorn,
Sadly I felt completely alone
With no companion of my own.

There was no loving spouse
In my finely adorned house,
Once romance came my way
But love choose not to stay.

My emotions began to harden
As I rest in my flower garden,
Perhaps I'm repulsive I thought,
I pondered feeling so distraught.

As I sat feeling no one cared at all,
Wondering why none came to call,
A little butterfly lit upon my knee,
The only butterfly that I could see.

A plain butterfly not much to see
I wondered if it was lonely as me,
As it gracefully fluttered to a rose
I closed my eyes and began to doze.

I slept for what seemed like hours
Among fragrant spring flowers
Then suddenly awoke with a start
To a sight that gave joy to my heart.

Perched on flowers and in the air
Lovely butterflies were everywhere
And amid all the beauty I could see
The frail butterfly that lit on my knee.

I learned a lesson this glorious day
From a friend that fluttered my way,
Love and friendship may arrive late
But surely will come if I patiently wait.

Butterflies in the Garden
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-03-07

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