Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

My hammock swaying in the breeze
Tied between two knotty trees
Was calling me to come and lay
And while away this spring day.
Wanting a snooze and relaxation
I scooted out with anticipation,
I darted to the yard out back
But abruptly froze in my tracks.
There was a snake of gigantic size
Lying in the sun before my eyes,
Horror-struck I grabbed up a rake,
And took some whacks at the snake.
Some earth shaking wallops I let fly,
I missed and it gave me the evil eye
Then it charged me and I ran away
At full gallop I began to pray.
All around the yard it chased me
Assisted by a mad bumblebee,
The bee wanted to sting for spite
And the ugly snake wanted a bite.
Wild-eyed and horrified I sailed
Around in circles as I wailed,
I jumped the wheelbarrow in retreat
As the snake ran between my feet.
I sprawled down upon the ground
Then leapt up looking all around,
There was no snake I could see
Or was it waiting to ambush me?
I ran up a ladder and listened hard
But there was silence in the yard,
No where could I see a snake
Or hear a sound one may make.
Just when hope began to flicker
I heard a snorting little snicker,
I swear I heard that snake say,
Thanks dummy for making my day.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-17-07

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